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Feeling so overwhelmed that you’re wondering if you can keep doing this day after day…

At this point, the feelings of anxiety in handling stress, finding balance, recognizing a sense of self, and setting boundaries are no longer common. The culmination of your feelings begins to lead you to question your abilities and stir up the belief that something has to change because there must be a better way!

I can help…

My name is Kristy Palacios, I am a counselor here at Allied Counseling Services and I’ve been there. I get it! I see you and I understand. I’m here to walk with you in these uncertain times to gain wisdom, build better habits, change perspective, and to learn ways to live empowered with clarity, balance, hope, and joy.  

You don't have to do this alone!
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Together, we can build an alliance for hope, healing, and purpose. 

We are a Christian-based counseling practice offering adult individuals a place to find truth and grace in their most desperate and difficult times. We offer our hope while you are trying to find your own.

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